Photo/Video STUDIO For Hourly Rent Available

Beautiful and stylish 750 sq.ft located East Vancouver close to Science World. Studio is available for hourly and full day rent.

The 402 Studio Photo is well suited for photo shoots, meetings or wellness gatherings.

Features/Amenities in and around the space:

- Beautiful Oak Flooring

- Antique arm chair

- 1 beige antique couch

- 1 ancient dress mirror 

- 1 antique chandelier 

- 1 antique fireplace mantle

- 2 Hollywood style floor lamp

- Floor Fan

- numbers of paper rolling backdrops (white, black, grey, pink, yellow, turquoise, brown, purple  )

- 1 LED professional video light

- 2 continues photo light 5000k with soft boxes,

- 1 Fog Machine

- 1 big white cube

- restroom just outside the unit

February Studio Rate:

Hourly rent $65/hour + 5% gst 

Daily 8 hrs rent 25% off 

Booking in advance with Security Deposit of 1hour rent $65 CAD;  free cancellation in 48 hours.

Send a message if you have any additional questions!


Please be mindful of neighbours and excessive noise. Please place all garbage in bag and leave by door upon departure. Leave space as you found it.

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