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Useful and Exciting Tips About Photography

I wrote a number of useful articles and published them in this section in order to clarify for you the most popular topics that arise in discussions in preparation for the photo shoot. But this does not mean at all that you cannot ask me questions when you are planning to shoot with Spring Vibes Photo. It will be my pleasure to answer those questions. All the tips that can be read in this section are based solely on my professional experience gained over the years of my work as a photographer.

How to Choose Right Clothes for a Family Photoshoot.

Sometimes it may seem difficult to navigate the choice of clothing for a photo shoot. This topic raises especially many questions for those who are about to shoot for the first time.

I'm always ready to help my clients in this matter, because the selection of clothes directly affects the result of the photoshoot and in order to get beautiful photos you need to think carefully about the outfits of all participants in the photo-session. Together we can develop a concept for shooting and a color palette, discuss the main idea, choose clothes and location, whether it's an outdoor or a photo studio.

1. The number of looks/outfits depends on the service package you choose. In 2 hours of shooting (it's Gold Package) we will be able to take pictures in 2-3 looks/outfits.

2. First of all you need to decide on the style you want. The whole family should be dressed in the same style! eg: "If a man prefers classic elegant costumes, all other family members should wear similar costumes (for boys) and beautiful dresses (for women, girls, mothers) to match the given mood."

3. Do not wear  multi-colourful clothes, such as large patterns, prints, logos, etc. All these distract attention from the face(s) on the picture. The best option is one colour fabric without any patterns.

4. The basic principle in the selection of clothes is the principle of similarity. This is means that everyone is wearing clothes that are similar in style and in colour pallets. If in clothes combine no more than 3 different colors, in this case, the family portrait will look more elegant and restrained.

An interesting idea is to highlight the female and male parts of the family. When mom and daughter are in the same dresses, and dad and son are in shirts. It is also called Family look.


Note for woman: Do not wear clothes that you have long worn, even the most beloved skirt, for your photo shoot. Remember, when a new outfit comes on you, the mood immediately becomes festive, your eyes light up, your shoulders straighten. You are beautiful and confident you are ready to create unique shots. I noticed this from my own experience and then conducted a small survey that confirmed my opinion.

Note for men: do not forget to choose matching color socks that are sure to be seen in any sitting position. And matching style shoes. And accessories (watches, bracelets, chains) if this is part of your style look.

5. It is better if your cloth are made from natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen (this recommendation applies to a summer photoshoot). A photography taken in the studio looks beautiful in lacy and soft flowing fabrics - satin, silk. In any case, you and your children should be comfortable, not cold or hot, think about it in advance.

6. Do not wear closed turtlenecks, office skirts, blouses, etc., if this is not a special idea.

7. Choose clothes that suit your size, that don't hamper the movement. This is the key to a good mood and joyful smiles. Do not give preference to too short dresses, unless of course this is the main idea of ​​shooting. I am for the fact that a perfectly selected dress hides flaws and emphasizes advantages, and not vice versa.

8. Blouses and dresses with a small sleeve will look better than without them. Even the smallest sleeve closes our eyes with rounded shoulders and arms visually become thinner and sleeker.

9. Underwear

a. If necessary, use corrective underwear. Lingerie is better to wear a seamless and matching color with clothes or skin tone coloured.

b. I draw attention to the straps that sometimes come out from under the clothes - ties. That's why I recommend you consider a question of how to get rid of them, in advance. (it is best to be able to unfasten the straps from underwear), if this is not an idea to show them on picture. Indeed, in a photo, you want to always look perfect.

c.Tights. I recommend not wearing them at all if the photo shoot will take place in a photo studio. For shooting outdoors and in other places during the cool period, it is better to wear flesh-colored tights that are as close as possible to the color of your skin. The choice of white, black, gray and color tights should be determined by your image.

10. Do not forget to choose jewelry for every look: jewelry (earrings, rings, beads, bracelets, watches, hairpins, etc.)

11. The right shoes can harmoniously complete your look. For studio photography, choose suitable replacement shoes for clothing. It is necessary! High-heeled shoes always make legs slimmer and sleeker.

If you still have questions or just want to consult, I am ready to discuss with you different options for clothing. You can take a picture of them and send me for approval by e-mail

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